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Spirit in the Home


Dear Kerry

Just a short note to let you know that we have a buyer for our property. Within 3 weeks of our consultation with you the right people came along.

After having the property on the market for nearly 7 months without success we saw an article on Spirit of Design in a superannuation magazine. Wendy has been dabbling with Feng Shui for a number of years at our homes and this article made her think about whether or not Feng Shui could help us with the sale of this property.

With the aid of the tape and the drawings you left with us we began to rearrange the furniture and reposition the pictures. The chimes were hung in the places indicated, we painted a couple of walls and doors, and suddenly the house felt more comfortable and vibrant. Outside we planted shrubs and moved pot plants as suggested, even our neighbours have noticed a difference.

Our agent could even feel the difference when he brought the first couple through for an inspection. He always thought the house needed something and this was it. A second couple came two days later and purchased the property straight away paying us the price we advertised it for.

If anyone else reads this and is thinking of having a Feng Shui evaluation done we would thoroughly recommend Kerry to you.

Once again Kerry thanks very much.


Garry and Wendy

P.S. We will discuss our next property with you before we purchase.

Hi Kerry,

The painter has put the first coat on the feature walls yesterday.

I must say, you are a genius! I was feeling flat with all this dull white-ish colour everywhere, but now... wow, I couldn't stop saying, “fantastic”, “gorgeous”, “great” yesterday. I just love the colours and love the way it has lifted the house. The amount of times I said to the painter how great it looks must have been so irritating. I really really feel like, that from a little old boring man in daggy Altona Meadows, I have miraculously been transformed into some sort of smart fresh classy younger man from an attractive suburb of Melbourne - all from a coat of paint??? Amazing. I really really love what it has done. Thank you so much. I think the colours work really well.

Thank you again for your help to date - I'm amazed...

Best wishes
Stefan Bobko

I first met Kerry when she spoke at an introductory lecture on Feng Shui at Sandy Beach Centre in Sandringham in 1997. Some time later I called Kerry for the first of several consultations about our family home. In 1999 it was yet again ‘decision time’ for our family. We had an awkwardly shaped home that we had sought hard to improve with two renovations but we had again come to the crossroads, should we move or improve? For all its faults, Kerry was able to open my eyes to how the home had supported us and how it could continue to do so and so began the process of our final renovation (and by far the most productive one). Kerry advised us pretty much all the way through, from the shape of the front path and fence to the rounding of the pergola posts, choice of paint colours and the position of furniture. Perhaps more importantly, with Kerry I found the confidence to move forward, I felt supported knowing that what I was doing would enhance the harmony of the house. This renovation gave us a much more functional house with a very pretty street appeal and a beautiful garden. It would allow us to live a further 6 years in the house with three growing and active teenagers and a busy family life.

In 2006 I again consulted Kerry as I was growing very restless and felt it was time to finally move on from our home of 22 years. There was a time I could not imagine doing that with three messy children and a busy schedule, but somehow now the impetus was there. Kerry assisted with suggestions for preparing the house for sale, and even more importantly, was again able to review where each of the family members were at and explain how the move was in fact strongly supported for each of us. This was vital to giving me the strength and energy to drive the process forward.

I used Kerry’s suggestions for readying the house for sale, especially the loving preparation and intent that went into the cleaning inside and out. The furniture placement, fresh flowers and repainting were further touches that ensured that when the house finally went on the market it was much admired and sold quickly for a good price.

I continue to consult Kerry on a regular basis and would have no hesitation in recommending such consultations on both a regular basis, but also at critical times of change and upheaval. Kerry offers a quiet, measured and calm approach that I have always found comforting and I have found following her suggestions has yielded very positive results for our family.

Janet Hopkins

The advice that we have received and implemented over the years has enriched our lives in all aspects, and given us a warm loving home environment. It has given us the tools to recognise where things need a ‘tweak’.

Marilyn and John Ball