Read Kerry Press' article on Space Clearing to find out how you can cleanse, purify and revitalise your living or working spaces using our Space Clearing Kits.

"Have you ever visited a house or a shop, and felt a shiver up your spine? Perhaps you have a special café that you always choose for coffee because it feels warm and inviting? The energy or ambience of a place can influence how we feel being there..." More...

Space Clearing Kits

Clearing Kit contents

Use the form below, or telephone us, to order your Space Clearing Kits.

The kits contain the finest quality resins and powders, together with quality slow-burning charcoal discs and smudging instructions.

Spirit of Design
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Frankincense Space Clearing Kit(s) @ $30
Sanctity Space Clearing Kit(s) @ $30
Vitality Space Clearing Kit(s) @ $30

Postage & Packing: add $5.50 (within Australia)

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