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Summer Dance


The arrival of summer opens the heart and inspires the Spirit. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements, summer expresses the element of fire. When in balance “fire” energy expresses vitality, inspiration, warmth, enthusiasm, spiritual wisdom and perception, brightness and joy. However, as with everything in the universe fire energy also has a dark side. When this occurs fire can be fierce, explosive, scorching, ungrounded, lacking substance, superficial, fickle or dazzling.

Like the qualities of a flame summer is a time for action and expansion, for lightness, perception and discernment. The clarity and brilliance of fire's energy brings insight and illumination. “Fire” colours are warm and flamboyant, vibrant and uplifting. Purple, orange, burgundy and red are considered to be “fire” colours. The heart is a “fire” organ of the body and is associated with the emotion of joy.

Here are a few ideas to help you to align your life and home with the positive qualities of summer’s fire: