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If you have the opportunity to influence your experience of your home (or your workplace) using good design, why wouldn’t you choose to make them the most balanced and beautiful spaces they can be? Simply contact us to arrange a tailored consultation that is specific to your business, your home, your family and lifestyle.

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Summer Dance


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements, summer expresses the element of fire. Like the qualities of a flame summer is a time for action and expansion, for lightness, perception and discernment. More...

Conscious and Uncluttered: Feng Shui Tips to Sell Your Home

When viewing a property for sale, there is much that a buyer needs to note and consider. Coming from their own full and busy lives, and then being crowded in by someone else’s storage habits and belongings can be quite stifling, stressful, and ultimately off-putting. More...

Spirit at Work, Harmony in the Home

Harmony in the Home

At Spirit of Design we’re not just designing for a good look; our designs bring spirit to place. We remove rigidity, perfection and control, allowing for spontaneity, dance and flow. It’s like the difference between a computer drawn line and the line drawn by a child... More...

A Wild and Personal Encounter with Beauty

Flinders mood

I recently returned from a trip to the Flinders Ranges. The moods and colours of nature in that mythical landscape remain fresh in my mind. Each of my encounters in wild places brings me fully alive – all of my senses completely attuned and receptive, as though a primal instinct deep within me that lies dormant in the city, is awoken from its dream... More...