A Work of Art... and of the Heart


The Viewbank Project: holistic design from the ground up.

The Houghtons' new mudbrick home at Viewbank in Melbourne successfully incorporated Feng Shui and holistic principles to achieve a beautiful family home. More...

A Feng Shui makeover for an inner-city apartment:


"To me, Feng Shui gives you the cue to try innovative things that you would not normally do the result is powerful but subtle. You can do this every year and enjoy a change to your environment without expense." More...


A successful sale...

"Just a short note to let you know that we have a buyer for our property. Within 3 weeks of our consultation with you the right people came along."

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Feng Shui and Property


Can you use Feng Shui to make your house more attractive to buyers? What should you look for in a house you're thinking of buying? What does the real estate profession think of Feng Shui?

Read an interview with Kerry Press for the answers to these questions... and more.

A Garden for Ground Force

as seen on
Ground Force

Channel Seven's Ground Force team responded to the high levels of viewer interest in Feng Shui for gardens by seeking guidance from consultant Kerry Press in the design of a garden near the sea at Ocean Grove.

Read the full story and see the plan...

Spirit in the Home

beauty and harmony

Our services address all aspects of home design and arrangement of personal spaces, both inside and outside. From site selection and ground-up design, to renovations and re-decorations, to rearranging existing home and garden spaces, we create living environments that work well and feel good to live in.

Using our architects and designers, or yours, we encourage an interactive approach to ensure each home reflects the personalities and lifestyle needs of its occupants, and considers the unique dynamics of the site.

Spirit of Design can help if you are:

New Homes

new homes

Ground-up design we can assist you to create a home that works for you, throughout all or any stages of its development. From selecting the site, through designing the floor plan and developing the specs, to choosing personalised colours, art and furnishings, Spirit of Design can help you achieve a home that is balanced and responds to your needs.
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Improving Your Home

Design solutions that enhance your experience of your home. Without altering the building structure we may guide the placement of furniture, reassess the function and arrangement of rooms, suggest art and aesthetic solutions ... and generally perfect a home's interior.
Read about a Feng Shui makeover of an inner city apartment...


If you are considering repainting, talk to us about colours that capture the personality of your family and your home.


We can redesign, extend or alter existing homes to make better use of spaces, and improve how your home feels to live in.

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Windows to the World: you'd be amazed at the ways in which windows can enhance your home!



With knowledge of your personalities and lifestyle we can assist with decision-making to ensure you choose a home that suits you. Our comprehensive home surveys look for practical as well as aesthetic characteristics that ensure good Feng Shui and happy living with special regard to siting and orientation, harmony and practicality of design, and the long-term potential of the building to support prosperity and health.
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With fresh eyes and creative solutions, we can suggest practical ways to enhance your property for a speedy and profitable sale.
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We design harmonious gardens and landscapes that balance their built environments and bring nature and beauty to everyday life.
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Read an article by Kerry Press: Gardens for the Soul