A conscious business is a strong business...
Any aspect of your work space that is lacking in consciousness will show up as stagnation, obstruction and neglect in that area of your business. Common areas of neglect are the 'out-of sight' areas such as the back of the building, the toilet, the staff tea/lunch area, and even your bottom drawer. Quite often these areas become dumping grounds for junk, and are grubby and lacking in life force implying that we may take care of our customers but consider our own needs unimportant, or that what we present externally to our clients is not reflected behind the scenes, and hence lacks integrity at the foundations.

Business with Spirit: Case Study


We called in Spirit of Design to give us some advice for the premises of our previous training business. Kerry made recommendations for the entrance, colours, placement and general presentation. We were very pleased with the difference it made to the look and feel of the place. So when we decided to venture into the business of female fitness we thought to call Kerry to assist us in creating an atmosphere that women would delight in. That was over a year ago. We now have four outstanding fitness centres and Kerry has been an integral part of the process.

For the first fitness centre Kerry provided us with an overall layout and style for the premises and it looks great. With the second centre we asked Kerry to create the whole concept, including the redesign and fitout of the interior, interior and exterior colour scheme, signage and decor. Our members comment repeatedly on the look that is both elegant and uplifting. We then handed the entire design, layout and style of our third and fourth fitness centres to Kerry, including shopping for the furniture. Kerry has impeccable taste, a very clear sense of what will make the difference. I have absolutely no doubt that Kerrys input has been a very important part of our business growth and success.

I also recently purchased a house and immediately thought to ask Kerry for her input to create a balanced, aesthetic and comfortable home for us. She has guided colours and style that express our personalities and the result is sensational. With dynamic use of colour our rooms look and feel soulful, welcoming and beautiful. Spirit of Design can make the difference between a polished and cohesive look and an itsy bitsy look. I have concluded that this is what determines an instant favourable impression or not.

Shirley Bowman, Curves Fitness for Women

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