8 rocks

In Feng Shui, a collection of eight rocks is sometimes used to symbolically represent human fortune. The rocks can be river pebbles, semi-precious stones or crystals, or any attractive stones. The rocks represent the earth element, and 8 is a particularly auspicious earth number. According to Flying Star Feng Shui, when a human fortune star becomes disturbed for example by being in an open, active area, or in a water area such as the toilet or laundry the placement of eight rocks in an attractive arrangement can be used to help stabilise that area and harmonise health and well-being.

Spirit in the Home: Case Study


A Feng Shui Makeover for an inner city apartment

Dear Kerry

One of the most striking things I have found with Feng Shui is that it has presented me with many innovative design ideas that I never would have thought of.


While quite innovative, they are actually quite simple - the use of the various elements such as "metal" and "earth" in a vase, a collection of beautiful rocks, or just simply strikingly coloured cushions in areas that are under a Flying Star influence for that particular period. The purpose is to cure the Flying Star, but the bonus is that I get to enjoy a subtle change to the space for that year without having to re-design the entire room at major cost or inconvenience.

While I also very much enjoy the philosophy of Feng Shui, I see it as a design tool that can resolve difficult design problems. When I first contacted Kerry I had trouble achieving a satisfactory solution for my bedroom. Nothing I did seemed to make the space feel restful and comforting despite various attempts to introduce colours by way of prints, manchester and the like.


The Feng Shui consultation revealed some difficulty with the permanent Feng Shui of the room where it was under the influence of a difficult "earth star". Kerry introduced "metal" cures using elegant white and metal colours, and symbolic and decorative objects, and the room feels and looks much nicer.

To me, Feng Shui gives you the cue to try innovative things that you would not normally do the result is powerful but subtle. You can do this every year and enjoy a change to your environment without expense.


[name withheld]