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Ford Australia
AV Jennings
Ray White Real Estate
Grocon Construction
Angus and Coote
Monash University
ABC, JJJ Studios
ANZ Bank
Channel Seven
Tim Adams Wines
Laing and Simmons Real Estate
Star Apartments
Highways Tabaret
Coffee Bean and Tealeaf
Shark Fin Restaurants
Wellness Chiropractic

Business with Spirit

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We address all aspects of work place design from corporate logos and signage, to appropriate colours, dcor and furnishings, to redesigning spaces for optimum function and customer impact.

If you are planning alterations to your business environment, or developing new business opportunities, or simply want an office facelift, contact Spirit of Design for a dynamic result.

Much of Spirit of Design's work with companies is on a continuing basis to ensure that all aspects of the work environment and company image represent the company at the highest level.

Wellness Chiropractic


Whether you are the restaurateur, the waiter or the diner; the company director, receptionist, or client; the shop assistant or the customer; the doctor or the patient, Spirit of Design recognises the different requirements for placement that ensure we are all comfortable and effective in our work environments.

Spirit of Design can advise on effective space layout and room arrangements. We can suggest dynamic colour schemes, furnishings, finishes and artistic touches that directly communicate a powerful and consistent message about your business to your customers.

Enhancing Existing Premises

dynamic colour schemes

You may not be in a position to redesign your premises, but there are lots of easy and cost-effective ways to improve your business environment. This may include repainting with an exciting new colour scheme that better reflects the energy of your company. It may involve rearranging spaces to improve the ambience and function of your workplace. We offer solutions for those aspects of your premises that may be communicating the wrong message to your customers. We address those issues that may be impeding productivity.

Finding New Premises

We can assist you to select new business premises that help your business to prosper, using Feng Shui parameters alongside practical building assessment criteria.


Building from the Ground Up

Designing your business premises from the ground up offers tremendous scope for achieving a building that works well for your business, your staff and your customers. With our architects and designers or yours, we can assist with any or all aspects of the building's design.

Spirit of Design can assist with site selection and building orientation. We can guide the building's interior layout, and suggest materials, fittings and personalised colour schemes. Our balanced room arrangements ensure optimum placement of staff. We can design your corporate identity, and guide marketing materials and signage.

Corporate Identity

corporate id

Any messages conveyed by your business card and logo should promoting your business powerfully and positively. The wrong choice of corporate colours, a cluttered, unbalanced design, or a logo that is confusing and out-of-date can all undermine your business credibility and send a negative message to your customers. Spirit of Design listens carefully to what your business is about. We can develop a new corporate identity for you, or improve your current one to ensure that it accurately, clearly and favourably presents your business to your customers.