uPVC. Eco-friendly frames for double glazed windows.

uPVC is environmentally neutral and totally recyclable.

Right from the earliest stages of manufacture, uPVC windows have less impact on the environment.

Contact us to discuss how uPVC-framed double glazing can help reduce your environmental footprint.

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Spirit in the Home:

Windows to the World

 New windows have the potential to enhance your home in ways you may not have thought of. Natural light can be captured, privacy can be achieved whilst enhancing views, the functionality of rooms can be enhanced, energy can be conserved and noise can be reduced.

pic To achieve these benefits with windows however requires careful consideration of the number, size, shape, colour, material and proportion of windows relative to each other, to the rooms and in fact the entire building. Positioning of windows and doors can make the world of difference to how spaces are used. Aluminium window frames are less energy-efficient than timber or PVC. Installing new windows in a new or existing home offers a chance to improve room design.

picSpirit of Design can assess and guide window choices and design, and coordinate the process from selection to installation to achieve a result that enhances your vista and your use of spaces. Our involvement ensures your windows are consistent with the rest of your interior design, whilst responding to building style. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

In the interests of not only energy efficiency but also acoustics and quality of life, we recommend double-glazed windows. Double glazing stabilises your home's inside temperature and comfort levels, hence reducing the need to supplement with artificial heating and cooling. For their quality and environmental conscience we recommend CertainTeed Windows.