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Spirit in the Home:

Conscious and Uncluttered: Some Feng Shui Tips to Sell Your Home

By Kerry Press


When viewing a property for sale, there is much that a buyer needs to note and consider. Coming from their own full and busy lives, and then being crowded in by someone else's storage habits and belongings can be quite stifling, stressful, and ultimately off-putting.

For someone planning to sell their home it is important to ensure that the life force of that property is vibrant, unobstructed and flowing.

Less is better when it comes to furnishings. It is preferable for potential buyers to be inspired by just a few beautiful and strategically placed pieces of furniture and artwork, than to be crowded in by personal belongings and clutter. A home presenting with fewer furnishings enables the purchaser to walk through each room peacefully and without stress. Furnishings and décor should evoke a feeling or a mood that allows them to imagine how they might decorate, use and experience each space if they were living there.

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Feng Shui, the art of conscious placement, places much importance on the right thing in the right place at the right time. Anything that is broken, neglected or no longer relevant should be discarded as it harbours stagnant or negative life force (Qi).

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Similarly clutter, in Feng Shui terms, blocks and obstructs Qi, creating stagnation. Clutter is created by an excessive accumulation of "stuff" in a home. This might be piles of books or magazines, dead pot plants, furniture inherited from a family member, things stored and forgotten about, something we're going to fix up one day.

Attract a steady flow of customers through your property and assist your home to sell successfully by maintaining a vibrant and unimpeded quality of Qi.